May 05 2010   Source: MWerks Staff

Announcement Regarding Interruption of Service on MWerks Forums

To our readers -

Over the last year our discussion forum software became part of a lengthy legal battle between the two people who created it. That lawsuit finally ended and the verdict left the software in the control and hands of a different person than the company we had contracted to serve us. We have been working with the current owner in good faith to agree on a reasonable fee to continue to use the software. Those negotiations over a reasonable fee have rapidly come to an end and since no deal could be made, we legally must stop using the software - immediately.

This has left us no choice but to migrate to different forum software under less than ideal circumstances. After looking at different potential solutions, we have chosen to move to vBulletin. The newest version of vBulletin (4.0) has some very impressive features and the team behind it has been very supportive during this difficult move. We are genuinely excited about this upgrade and all the new feature everyone will be able to tap into.

I want to get it out there up front that because of the extreme time crunch on this migration we are going to have a number of potential issues till we get all of the pieces (hardware, software, performance enhancements, search and more) in place. We will work on getting things back to normal as soon as we can, but at the end of the day we are moving into a new house and things are going to feel a little different. Rest assured that all the furniture is moving with us and everything will eventually be moved over.

While we are unhappy that we've had to make this move so quickly and under less than ideal circumstances, we are excited at the same time about all the new features. During this transition period we will do our best to communicate what is going on and where we are at on a regular basis. We'll post updates here, in the forums and on our Facebook pages. If at any time you have concerns or comments you can send them to me directly at [email protected] and I will do my best to get back to everyone. We are going to be slammed working on this difficult transition, but we also want to make sure all our readers' concerns are taken care of.

Thanks for listening and thanks for all the years of support.

- Jamie, George, Chuck, Anthony, Bryan, Stu and Dan


We will post the latest updates on where we are at with this migration process here to provide a means to let our readers know where we are at with this process.

May 5th - 2am CST
We are currently moving data over to the new forum software and tweaking our current hardware. We have all-new hardware that should be arriving later today and we'll start to get that loaded, configured and tested. Meanwhile we are continuing to try and make performance tweaks and changes to the interface. We will likely take this live at some point overnight and we are expecting to have some performance issues in the morning when the forums are under heavy load. Hang in there, we're working to fix all of these things.