March 08 2011   Source: Kilometer Magazine

Spy Photos: 2014 BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar

The Vision EfficientDynamics now has a real name — the BMW i8 — but it is still a few years away from being a real production car. Our spies have spotted it this week and it appears the engineers have moved on to cold weather testing. These photos were taken in northern Sweden and it appears the car is doing well since the engineers inside aren't even wearing coats and not a single one of our seven pictures shows the car wedged into a snowbank.


Other than the snowy white background, these latest spy photos show a car that's basically unchanged from the last time it snuck out in front of the paparazzi, with BMW willing to peel back enough of the spirally vinyl to show how much glass (or at least clear composite) the car uses on the doors, roof, and rear hatch. We're especially interested to see how BMW is dealing with what seems to be a glass-against-glass edge all along the top of the windshield, and how the hatch — which seems to be one sheet of glass with the roof — functions.