March 09 2011   Source: Kilometer Magazine

Spy Photos: 2014 BMW i3 MegaCity Car Spied For First Time

Along with the i8 mule we showed you earlier this morning, our spies have spotted something even more intriguing in northern Sweden. This is the first time we've seen the BMW i3 city car out in the wild, and we can already tell that it's going to be one of those cars that will need to grow on us for a while--she doesn't exactly look pretty from these early pictures.

We can say that these spy photos might not exactly do the i3 justice. Looking at the very simple rendering BMW released a few weeks back (below) we can tell that the headlight placement on the mule doesn't seem correct. When the housings are moved up near the top of the hood as the render shows, this little thing shouldn't look quite as much like a carbon-fiber hippopotamus.


What the images do show is that the i3 promises to keep BMW-style proportions with the wheels shoved way out to the corners, even if this thing is a bit taller and rounder than most BMWs we've seen. That should help this little guy avoid looking too much like a Scion xD.

The full spy gallery can be seen here.