March 28 2011   Source: Kilometer Magazine

Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 650i M Sport Package

Around the world, there are different signs that Spring has arrived. Leaves start coming out, flowers burst out of the ground or, in Germany, the prototype test cars return from cold weather testing in Sweden and take to the Nurburgring once again for the most entertaining test phase. BMW engineers, it seems, have been enjoying it the most lately.

Today's big Bimmer spotting happens to be this special 6-series, which seems mostly normal save the big wheels and whatever's hiding behind the sparse camo. We'll venture a guess that the body panels under the swirly stickers probably looks quite similar to a car already on the market, the BMW 550i M Sport. Soon after the new 6-series launches in the coming months, it will get its own M Sport package with the aerodynamic updates you (sort of) see here. Just try to picture it naked, then add roundels in the wheel centers. As with current models, expect the M Sport package to also include revised suspension and cost a few thousand dollars extra.