April 01 2011   Source: BMW- Munich

M3 Truck Debuts as April Fools Joke

For the last couple weeks we've seen pictures of what appeared to be a BMW M3 coupe with its hind-quarters modified into a pickup bed, a la Chevy El Camino/Holden Ute. Now BMW is giving us the full story, and the timing of the press release is no coincidence. It is April Fool's Day, after all.

Apparently the development team in Munich thought it would be fun to tease the world with yet another M3 variant — coupe, sedan and convertible are already offered. Developed at BMW's M GmbH development center in Garching (just outside of Munich), the M3 truck has supposedly been through wind tunnel testing and has received a unique suspension setup for the duties of, er...picking up stuff. The cargo area has a load capacity of 450 kg (990 pounds), meaning it's theoretically capable of hauling more than just ass (and we're pretty sure that's the line BMW was fishing for when they created this thing).


Beyond the utility-oriented backside, the M3 pickup also sports a removable, targa-style roof. The truck is lighter than an M3 convertible by over 100 pounds, and removing the roof panel shaves another 44 pounds.

While this is clearly a one-off project, BMW has actually gone through the process of certifying it for road use with the TÜV, making it what must certainly be one of the most expensive April Fool's gags ever. Don't expect to see an M3 truck in your dealer, but maybe someday you'll be able to see it in person at the BMW museum.