December 16 2010   Source: Bryan Joslin

New Lights Identify 2012 BMW 1-series

Last week BMW dropped the bomb on us with the official release of the 1-series M Coupe. That announcement not only answered the prayers of many enthusiasts, it also foretold some of the upgrades coming to the rest of the 1-series range for the 2012 model year. Look closely at those pictures, you'll notice a fresh new look for the lighting.

Today BMW has released official information on the 2012 128i and 135i coupe and convertibles, which are officially receiving their mid-stream facelifts, or what Munich calls a "Life-Cyle Impulse." Whatever you call it, it's a fairly minor update to a model range that is very near the end of its run. No sheetmetal was altered in this facelift, just the headlights and taillights.

Up front, the headlight clusters receive the same semi-opaque "eyebrows" that were first seen on the current 7-series and have been gradually working their way down the line. The same goes for the taillights, which incorporate the brand's distinctive LED-lit double-L accents.


The 128i will also get the innovative Air Curtain that was first developed for the 1-series M Coupe. This enhancement to the front spoiler manages airflow across the front wheels, even when they're turning, to minimize turbulence and improve efficiency. The 135i, with its standard M Aero kit, will not get this feature.

Inside, the changes are even more minor. A new Gloss White interior trim option is available in place of wood or aluminum trim. There is also an optional RIM integration option for Blackberry users, and the iPod connection is now done with the standard iPod cable, eliminating the former Y-cable.


The 2012 128i and 135i coupes and convertibles will go on sale in May of 2011, at the same time the 1-series M Coupe launches. Pricing will be announced next month in Detroit at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.