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BMW is among the most legendary names in the automotive world. With a long history of building true “drivers’ cars”, few carmakers can boast the type of committed, passionate owners that BMW has fostered over the years. To celebrate these great cars and the enthusiasts who own them, we bring you MWerks.

While the web is full of BMW enthusiast sites, most of them are really nothing more than discussion boards. Likewise, the many great BMW magazines that exist lack the benefits and advantages of the Internet. MWerks offers the best of both worlds, with daily news updates, events coverage from around the world, original feature articles, and our own discussion forums.

Here is an example of what you will find on MWerks:

News - Read it today on MWerks or next month on the newsstand. MWerks brings you the latest BMW news from around the world, with updates made as news becomes available. Not only is our news timely, it’s also complete. We cover all aspects of BMW living, including cars and SAVs, motorcycles, motorsport, the aftermarket, even the MINI and Rolls Royce brands.

Features - Our original features focus on what’s important to BMW enthusiasts. You’ll find road tests and reviews of the latest models, coverage of industry and enthusiast events, technical articles, project car series, and selected readers’ and tuners’ cars. If you have a BMW that you think should be featured on the site, submit your AUTObiography to us or send us e-mail at [email protected]

Resources - Our resource section is like an online encyclopedia of BMW knowledge. Here you'll find valuable tools like our FAQ pages, model guides, links to other BMW-related websites, and calendar of events from around the country. You can also check on the progress of our in-house project cars or scan our extensive collection of high-quality images and videos.

MWerks Forums - You are not alone; share your passion for BMWs with other enthusiasts. Whether your interest lies with maintaining a 2002 or modding up an E36 M3, we have a forum for you. And because there is more to life than just cars, we have an extensive offering of forums that focus on your other interests, from Film and Television to Home Improvement. Our Car Lounge and Lifestyle Forums are networked with several other online automotive communities, allowing a wide variety of car enthusiasts to interact with each other on any number of topics. Click here to register today.

If you are a BMW enthusiast, we hope you’ll find a home at MWerks. We invite you to bookmark us and check back on a regular basis, not only for the latest news and features, but also for the community of enthusiasts here that share your passion for BMWs.

Happy motoring.

-The MWerks Staff