February 14 2007   Source: PR Newswire

Grey Goose Vodka Creates Customized Rolls-Royces

The message: drink and be driven responsibly

MIAMI, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- GREY GOOSE(R) "The World's Best Tasting Vodka," has teamed up with Rolls-Royce, the undisputed leader in the ultra-luxury sedan segment, to create two customized limited-edition Rolls-Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantoms to serve as a platform to promote their social responsibility message of enjoying a safe night on the town, while delivering a luxury experience that cannot be replicated. The public should look for the 2007 GREY GOOSE Rolls-Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantom at high-profile events and around the town, where trained chauffeurs will educate passengers on GREY GOOSE and the importance to "Sip Responsibly." Additionally, vehicles will be utilized to raise money for local and national charity partners and ultimately auctioned off at the end of the program for charity.

Embodying the best in luxury and exclusivity, the 2007 GREY GOOSE Rolls-Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantoms creates an environment representative of the GREY GOOSE brand. Passengers will be encapsulated within the GREY GOOSE experience through special features including custom blended GREY GOOSE signature blue exterior paint and plush upholstery, GREY GOOSE logo embroidered onto headrests and integrated into the trim of the car, grey chrome door tread plates, GREY GOOSE etched mirrors and sterling silver GREY GOOSE onlay on each of the mahogany-veneered door cappings. The new longer wheelbase Phantom is entirely hand-crafted in-house -- designed, engineered and hand-built by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at Goodwood, England.


The Rolls-Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantom is a limited edition vehicle with only 100 being produced in the world, which promises additional interior space for the rear passengers while maintaining the elegant look of the standard Phantom, its first-class driving performance and the comfort of front-seat occupants. Power continues to be provided by the same highly acclaimed 6.75-litre, 48-valve, 453 bhp, 531 lb-ft V12 engine that was developed for the standard Phantom. Because the weight gain of the new extended wheel base Phantom over the standard motor car is negligible, there is very little impact on performance or fuel economy. Driver and passengers can still enjoy the effortless and relentless urge of the engine from tick-over, riding on a wave of seemingly bottomless torque. At just 1000 rpm the Rolls-Royce V12 develops 413 lb-ft of torque.