October 23 2009   Source: Bryan Joslin via Rolling Stone

T-Pain Drives a BMW 335d?


Recording artist T-Pain took a spin with Rolling Stone editor Josh Dean in BMW's 335d sedan while in Miami recently. The article that follows isn't so much a review of the diesel sedan as it is a platform for the 26-year-old artist to brag about his car collection and his astute knowledge of cars in general.

When asked what he would do with the BMW if he owned it (as we're quite sure BMW lent him the car for the kind of publicity we're freely giving it in this space), this is what he came up with:

"It would have Lamborghini doors," he says. "And the biggest rims they can fit on it — I think I can fit 26s on it. Might have to do a little cutting, but?"

You can read the full story at RollingStone.com.