June 22 2009   Source: MWerks Staff via Drivers Republic

Drivers Republic Asks What "M" Really Stands For

With the market introduction of the X6 M and X5 M models looming near, Drivers Republic editor Chris Harris is asking just what the hell the "M" division really means any more. What was once an outlet for motorsports projects has become a boutique brand of its own that seems more focused on selling overly pwerful cars and now SAVs to consumers who simply can't have enough exclusivity.

We have to say, we've felt the same way for a long time. However, for as much as we'd love to see M3s return to lean, mean fighting machines, the reality is BMW relies heavily on the sales of its more profitable M cars to keep things going for the rest of us. In fact, while the rest of the brand was down in sales, the M division posted its second-best sales year ever.

Read the rest of what Mr. Harris has to say, and see if you don't agree.