May 19 2009   Source: BMW- North America

BMW's New Travel Bags Inspired by 5 Series GT Concept

Even though the production version has yet to be released, the upcoming 5 Series GT concept is already influencing BMW's lifestyle accessories. The new line of travel bags draws its inspiration from the concept's combination of functionality and flexibility.

The range of bags is made from a polyester microfiber fabric with fibers three times as fine as silk, but with a tough, dirt-resistant texture. Each bag is made from a single piece of die-cut material, which is then welded to create a strong, lightweight and extremely flexible piece of luggage.

A variety of sizes is available, including large and small zipper-top bags, and a Velcro-closure roll bag. The large interior volumes afforded by the unique construction give the bags incredible versatility, allowing them to be small on the outside yet large on the inside.


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