October 13 2009

AWD 1 Series or SuperSport?

Our colleagues over at WorldCarFans.com posted a reader-snap of this 1 Series coupe sporting wide rear fenders and 265-series tires. There assumption is that the car is an all-wheel-drive mule, but we suspect otherwise.

The WCF story reports that the car featured a carbon fiber roof as well as the blistered rear fenders. The fact that the front fenders weren't widened and the rear tires were a 265/35-19 fitment, we're inclined to believe this particular 1er is a testbed for an upcoming 1 Series SuperSport, a juiced-up 135i that's been breathed upon by the guys in the white "M" coats.

We anticipate 350 horsepower and a seven-speed M-DCT gearbox mated to a limited-slip differential. The SuperSport will likely boast significant weight savings through the use of carbon fiber in the roof, hood and trunk, and perhaps composite front fenders. Lightweight seats a la the Tii concept should also help keep weight to a minimum.


The SuperSport will likely arrive in the final year of E82 1 Series production as a special edition, paving the way for a proper M model in the next generation. Don't be surprised if the SuperSport doesn't make it to American shores, though.