April 16 2009   Source: Press Release- AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer Announces High Performance Brakes for M3

If there's one common complaint about the E90/E92/E93 M3 models, it has to be the seemingly underwhelming single-piston front brakes. German tuner AC Schnitzer has just released details of its high-performance braking system. The same brakes that are part of the ACS3 Sport Coupe are now available for fitment to your M3 coupe, sedan or convertible.


The front kit includes six-piston calipers that weigh in at 12.8 pounds each with pads fitted, two-piece slotted rotors measuring 380 x 35mm and weighing 20 pounds each. The combination sheds 8.1 pounds of unsprung weight while increasing the barking surface. The six-piston caliper likewise spreads the braking pressure over a larger surface area for more effective grip. New stainless-steel-wrapped Teflon brake lines ensure consistent pedal modulation, even when fluid temps rise.

A rear kit can also be added as well. Rear calipers are of four-piston construction and weigh the same as the factory's single-piston setup. The larger 355 x 32mm two-piece slotted rotors shed roughly a pound each in the rear, and naturally a set of rear brake lines rounds out the package.