January 04 2010

BMW Leaks 2010 Product Plan

Through its phantom underground marketing persona, Scott27 at GermanCarZone.com, BMW is giving us a peak of its plans for the upcoming year. Most of Scott27's information turns out to be fairly reliable, so we're going to share his insights with you:

Electric 1 Series
Next week in Detroit BMW will unveil its Concept Active E, a fully electric drivetrain (eDrive) wrapped up inside a 1 Series. The Electric 1er will likely be leased to selected individuals just as the Mini E currently is. Though the concept will be rolled out in Detroit, the customer version will arrive after the Paris Motor Show in October.

3 Series Coupe/Convertible
In the first part of the year, BMW will give the E92 coupe and E93 convertibles their mid-cycle updates, or what BMW calls Life Cycle Impulse (LCI). As with the E90 sedan, which got its LCI for 2009, the coupes will get mildly reskinned sheetmetal and bumpers, and a minor update in the cockpit. This will be revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show and will arrive in dealers in the second quarter of 2010. Expect to seeit Stateside first at the New York Auto Show in April.


New 5 Series
The all-new F10 5 Series sedan will also debut at Geneva. Although BMW has already released images and details of the new car, which we'll drive later this month, the unveiling was saved for Geneva. A long-wheelbase version for the Chinese market will debut later in the year at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. The new 5 will make its North American debut in New York and will go on sale in the second quarter.

X5 Update
The current X5 arrived in 2007 and is now ready for its Life Cycle Impulse. Visual changes will likely be small, but the X6's twin-turbo inline-six and V8 engines will finally make the move into the more utilitarian X5


Second-Generation X3
The original BMW X3 is nearing its end, to be replaced by an all-new, slightly larger version. Built on the next generation 3 Series architecture, the new X3 will fill the gap left by the current X5's move up in size. Expect the new X3, which will finally be built alongside the X5 and X6 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to be a bit more luxurious as well.

New X1
Moving in as the entry-level Sport Activity Vehicle is the new X1, based on the next-generation 1 Series platform. Expected to carry four-cylinder gas and diesel engines when it arrives, the X1 will be aimed at the youth market. Early promotional displays show it packed with ski, snowboards and bikes. While the X1 seems to be ready for sale (numerous European publications have already driven them) it will not debut Stateside until December 2010 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


Throughout the year BMW will unveil several new concepts. At Detroit we already know about the Active E. Another concept will debut at Geneva, and our guess is that it will be an M version of the new 5 Series. Yet another new concept will debut in Paris, and our hopes are that it will be based on the next 1 Series. Then in the Spring of 2011, BMW will show us a concept version of the next 6 Series.